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Vietnam has super-low crime rate: MSN travel

Monday, 29/10/2012, 15:29 GMT+7


Vietnamis listed among 8 of the best destinations for solo women travelers by MSN travel based in Canada for its super-low crime rate, cheap shopping market places, and friendly people.

“While our choices were based on safety, we also took other criteria into consideration - dining, spas and relaxation, shopping, museums, and in some cases, the dating scene,” MSN travel said in a report on its website.

According to the report, Vietnam meets all the aforementioned criteria to be one of top places in the world for women to go solo.

“If the beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastal boat tours weren't enough of a selling point, Vietnam's super-low crime rate makes it a safe country for solo women,” the travel site said.

“But that's not all - the shopping in Vietnam is incredible - with five dollar silk scarves and three dollar three-course dinners. Additionally, the people here are extremely friendly and won't hesitate to help you if you can't find your way,” it added.

Other destinations on the list include Ireland, Las Vegas, Tucson – Arizona, Thailand, Amsterdam, Costa Rica, and Iceland.

MSN Travel is an online source for guide books, articles, features and photos on Canada, the U.S. and international destinations.

Source: : Tuoitre Online

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